Saturday, December 29, 2012

Where Does Santa Work After Christmas?

If your kids are like my older two were when they were younger, they might  frequently ask you detailed questions about Santa Claus.  I always tried to think of creative stories that would satisfy their imaginations and curiosity, which was fine.  An author that I previously blogged about, Elizabeth Rook, has a better idea for us.  She's written a book entitled, "Where Does Santa Work After Christmas", and it has been published just in time for those innocent, yet challenging, post-Christmas questions.

As it happens, a young child named Tyler, the main character in this book, is also very curious about Christmas.  Rook uses Tyler's natural curiosity about Santa Claus as a learning experience.  The reader accompanies Santa through his different occupations, which turn out to be plentiful.  Santa teaches children about the responsibilities associated with various professions, including firefighters and veterinarians.  Your child will love reading about how Santa takes care of sick animals at the zoo and rescues kittens.

My two-year old has just begun to learn about Christmas and really enjoys the beautiful decorations all around us. This time of year, while we are taking down the Christmas decorations, we can maintain the Christmas spirit and even teach our children about compassion and responsibility through this book, "Where Does Santa Work After Christmas."  Fortunately, this book is available for purchase at Elizabeth Rook's website and on

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