Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama - Accidental Gun Salesman of the Year?

I have been amused. dismayed, and fascinated since the election of our latest president.  Sales of guns in "large retail outlets" have risen more than 39% since the beginning of the year.  

During hard economic times when most industries are experiencing unusual hardships, why are many types of businesses related to weaponry experiencing some of their best sales periods?

And what does President Obama have to do with it?  

Before the election, many conservative pundits and entertainers did a bang-up job of attracting the attention of many conservative voters that otherwise lacked passion for some of the core conservative issues (i.e. certain foreign policy and economic issues, among others).  It is not to say that these voters were no longer interested in these traditional issues, but that the situations had become very dire and they may have been willing to consider a change in direction for the country.

These conservative pundits (both amateur and professional) filled up the airwaves and bandwidth with incessant chatter about then Senator Obama's stance on gun control.  Some of these voices went  as far as to say that Obama was going to immediately rid the nation of guns (would that be such a horrible thing, honestly?).  These efforts were so effective in scaring the population that in October 2008, rifle and firearm sales were up by 14% from the previous year.  This is BEFORE the actual election, and before the introduction of any sort of legislation by Obama or other Democrats in the new session.

In Cobb County, Georgia, there has been an extremely high increase in permit applications - the numbers show that there were 3,238 applications in 2007.  Compare this to 7,576 in 2008.  The 2009 figures promise to be just as dazzling.

With the types of reasonable, "common-sense" gun control measures that President Obama supports, all of law-abiding citizens in this country that want to use guns for self-protection or hunting will still be able to do so.  Those that are interested in paramilitary group start-ups might have a bit more trouble.

So, everyone who has participated in this frenzy should just feel a little silly because the best of them was "got".   If I were one of  these people, I would be asking myself what kind of nonsense has been going on behind my back while I was stocking up on ammo and stockpiling weapons in my secret underground cellar in my backyard...  

Perhaps, just perhaps, there are more important issues to be dealt with.


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zacksobin said...

I feel compelled to respond.

Even if I could convince you that there are multiple, simultaneous actions by the current administration that include,

1. various executive orders already made,

2. really (effective/nasty) bills that are still in the house committee

3. clauses in recently passed hundred+ page economic bills that have been released less than an hour before being voted for that I believe reflect a very non-transparent atmosphere

I would still feel frustrated because I'm sure you would only consider these things to be "good"

I believe that in the past there has been a strong correlation between out of control governments and gun control.

There have been many bulletins issued by various federal agencies to suspect people as terrorist for things as simple as sporting ron paul bumper stickers, opposing gun-control legislation, and mentioning the constitution.

HR-45 which is in house committee will require a federal license to own a firearm.

I believe the federal government/federal reserve bank, is becoming increasingly afraid of vocal opposition

Did you know that many states are passing laws declaring the conditions under which they will leave the union?
I'm not aware of this even touched by the mainstream media.
I'm going to suggest that it is "newsworthy" and that the mainstream media is controlled by this same, paranoid power.

Something that is also very interesting, paranoid sounding but true is that there are "concentration camps" going up everywhere.
They're even authorized by congress, not simply being a nebulous executive order(which there are plenty of).
That particular law is called called HR 645

Unrelated to all this I'm posting some of my favorite recently passed/soon to be passed Laws, I'll also list my reinterpretation of their actual titles.
HR 1388 Youth brigade act
HR 1955 Vocal Dissenters are terrorist
HR 875 Monopolization of food supply
HR 5122 all state national guards now work for the president who can also declare martial law act.